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Fun Facts About New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most intriguing, cool, spooky and outrageous cities in America. Just for fun we thought you might like to know some lesser known facts about The Big Easy that make it cooler. I think you will not only be surprised, but you will love these fun facts about New Orleans!

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Facts about New Orleans

Originally Built as a Hurricane Shelter

The oldest part of New Orleans, the French Quarter, was originally built as an area for residents to seek refuge from hurricanes. It was the highest part of the area that is now New Orleans. As a result, the French Quarter, was the one area of New Orleans with the least damage after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Oldest Family Run Restaurant

Facts about New Orleans

Antoine’s, a New Orleans institution since 1840, making it the oldest continually run family owned restaurant in the U.S. Likewise, another of the cool facts about Antoine’s is that they invented the dishes Oysters Rockafeller and the Baked Alaska dessert.

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The First Opera

Another fun fact about New Orleans is the very first Opera in the United States was performed here in 1796.

Said to be the Most Haunted City in America

Facts about New Orleans

This is probably not a shock to most considering the city’s violent and sometimes dark past. Not to mention the VooDoo legend and intriguing citizen, Marie Laveau.

Speaking of Marie Laveau….

Marie Laveau's tomb having more visitors than Elvis per year is one of the cool facts about NOLA

Did you know one of the cool facts about New Orleans is that Marie Laveau’s tomb is one of the most visited tombs in America. She actually receives more visitors than the King, Elvis Presley.

Home of the Oldest Apartments in U.S.

Facts about New Orleans

The Pontalba Buildings of Jackson Square are said to be the oldest, continually rented apartments in the United States. Furthermore, you can live here for around $2,200 a month.

Birthplace of Jazz

Many of us already know this, but do you know why? New Orleans was the only place in the world where slaves were allowed to own drums, which eventually lead to the city’s creation of jazz music.

The Most Historic Districts

Interestingly Cool Facts about New Orleans

Another of the interesting facts about the city is its number of historic districts. According to the National Register, New Orleans has at least 20 Historic Districts. This is more than any other U.S. city.

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Not the Original Host of Mardi Gras

Actually, Biloxi, Mississippi holds that honor. Of course, New Orleans perfected that party.

To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask

Facts about New Orleans

Mardi Gras masks are fun, unique and iconic to New Orleans. Certainly one of the most interesting facts about Mardi Gras masks is that it is illegal to ride on a float without one.

Rare Mobile National Monument

Another of the interesting facts about New Orleans is in regards to mobile national monuments. The Saint Charles streetcar line in New Orleans is one of only two mobile monuments in the U.S. The other title holders are the San Francisco cable cars.

Gambling Honors

New Orleans is the where both craps and poker were invented.

Here’s to You New Orleans!

Alcohol is available in New Orleans 24/7. Bars are allowed to stay open all night long and drinking in the streets is allowed as long as it is in a plastic cup. You can also buy liquor in liquor stores and in grocery stores. I guess that’s why the party never ends in New Orleans!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed the fun facts about New Orleans. If you’re thinking about visiting, check out our post on things to do in New Orleans here.

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