Things to Do and Sites to See in Trier, Germany City Guide

Things to Do and Sites to See in Trier, Germany City Guide

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Trier, Germany

Things to do and sites to see in Trier- Porta Nigre
Porta Nigra

Welcome to the oldest city in Germany.  The history here dates back to the ancient Romans and you can certainly see many reminders of them today. Most noteworthy is the towering site of the Porta NIgra. Also being home to 9 Unesco World Heritage Sites, there are lots of things to do and sites to see in Trier.

First of all, there will be a map of all the top sites towards the end of this post. This will make planning your routes so much easier.

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Ancient Romans

It’s hard to miss the importance of Trier to the Ancient Romans, as there are so many ruins all over the city. Trier was one of the largest cities of the Ancient Roman Empire. It’s ideal to start with a tour of the Porta Nigra, the Black Gate. The Porta Nigra was built around 180 A.D. and for five euros you can take a tour and go to the top. You will have gorgeous views of the town below and a nice overview of the other sites in Trier.

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Other Roman Sites

Things to do and sites to see in Trier - Constantine's Basilica
Constantine’s Basilica

As you make your way through Trier, you will also be able to visit more Unesco World Heritage sites that were left to us by the Romans. There is the Basilica of Constantine, which was not actually a Basilica, but the throne room of Constantine the Great. A pretty impressive single room hall to showcase his great power and importance.

You should stop by the Kaiserthermen, Imperial Roman Baths, also. The cost is only four euro per person, and quite interesting. You will have the opportunity to tour the servant areas under the baths. Plus, you will see the immense efforts currently underway to correct damage from WWII. You can also tour the Roman Amphitheatre and the Barbara Baths. Plus, you can see the Römerbrücke, or the Roman Bridge.

More Places of Interest

The Cathedral – DOM and the Church of Our Lady

There are many more things to do and sites to see in Trier, Germany besides the Roman ruins. The Cathedral of St. Peter is the oldest Bishop’s church in Germany. It was built over an ancient Roman Palace and still contains a section with roman walls. It also houses architecture and artworks from over 1700 years.

Adjacent to St. Peter is the Church of Our Lady, which is also a Unesco World Heritage site. The Church of Our Lady, Liebfrauenkirche, was built on the foundation of the ancient Roman Cathedral. Consequently, the Church of Our Lady is the oldest gothic church in Germany. Furthermore, the interiors of both churches are quite lovely and should not be missed.

Things to Do In Trier with Children

Things to do and sites to see in Trier - Hauptmarkt

Hauptmarkt – The town square of Trier is fun for all ages. It’s a great spot to grab lunch for the family and there are many shops to explore. There is even a small carousel and fountain. Not to mention there is a large assortment of treats, like candy, bakeries and gelato.

The Toy Museum, Spielzeugmuseum – is an obvious stop for those traveling with children. There are toys dating back 100 years. Tickets cost 5€ For adults and 2 € for children 4 – 11. They are open everyday except Monday from 11 – 5 p.m.

Things to do and sites to see in Trier -Experience the Skyliner
City Skyliner

The City Skyliner – A fun, slow ride that takes you 236 feet above Trier. Talk about a great view. Parents and children will be impressed. Unfortunately, it’s a mobile attraction, so it’s not always in Trier, but hopefully it will be there when you visit.

Things to do and sites to see in Trier - Christmas Market

Trier Christmas Market – Also if you’re traveling this holiday season check out the Christmas Market in Trier. It’s fun for the whole family. There are rides, food, entertainment craft and gifts galore!

Finally, when traveling it’s great to know how to find all the things you want to see easily. For that reason we have made this map for you to take along on your trip. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for other cool places to see in Germany check out Castles to See in the Mosel Valley and Photographs that will Make You Want to Visit Germany Immediately.

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