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Photographs That Will Make You Want to Visit Germany Immediately

Photographs that will make you want to visit Germany Immediately

Germany is an astonishingly beautiful country. Until my first visit to the country, I simply had no idea, and I had not seen photographs that would inspire me to visit. I hope this article will change that for you if you’e never been to Germany. I put this post together to inspire you with photographs that will make you want to visit Germany immediately. If you want to learn more information on visiting some of the castles in this post, check out, Castles to see in the Moselle Valley of Germany.

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Germany’s oldest city, Trier, has roots dating back to the days of the Roman Empire. Additionally it is the home of 9 World Unesco Sites and you will see a sampling of them in these pictures. This is one of my favorite towns to visit and the quaint Christmas Market here is such a gem. There are are so many beautiful photographic German towns that it is impossible to capture them all.

Nuremberg – The Altstadt

Nuremberg has a very long and tumultuous history. The Altstadt, or Old Town, is still alive and well and enclosed by the original walls. Kaiserburg castle quietly watches over her still as well. You will also want to see the Schöner Brunnen in Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt. The Schöner Brunnen is a masterfully ornate 14th century fountain fashioned in the shape of a Gothic spire by Heinrich Beheim. Not to mention a cool history fact is that the fountain still stands today because during the Second World War it was wrapped in a concrete shell!

Of course this is only one of the areas you can explore in Nuremberg, and I hope these photographs will make you want to visit post-haste!


Bernkastel-Kues is quite possibly my favorite town in Germany so far. That being said, I have not even come close to seeing them all. I can’t wait to go back to Bernkastel for the upcoming Christmas Markets. I think you will see why in these pictures! Not only is Bernkastel-Kues a beautifully preserved German village, but also features fabulous view of the Moselle River.


Ah, Munich! The old town just screams Oktoberfest. I highly recommend a visit here and we definitely enjoyed our time here. There are so many things to do in Munich. Listening to the Rathaus-Glockenspiel play at noon everyday is absolutely amazing. It’s two levels tall and the characters play out Germany’s history. It’s the greatest German clock you will ever witness.

Enjoying the surfers in the English Garden is also quite cool. I would never have thought I would go to Germany to see the surfers! I will have anew article on all the things to do in Munich Old town coming soon.


Next, Cochem is a fairytale town located right on the Mosel River. High atop the hill sits Reichsburg, or Cochem Castle. It’s well worth a trip to the top to explore the castle and if you visit on Friday or Saturday you can enjoy a Medieval feast. Check out my post, Castles to see in the Mosel Valley, to learn more.


Cologne, Germany is a beautiful and robust city. This city definitely has photographs that will make you want to visit Germany immediately. The Cologne Cathedral is magnificent to see. These pictures are inspired by the Cologne Winter Markets, since we are so close to the holidays. Cologne is easy to get to by car, train or bus as well. Plus there are multiple things to there, like visiting Old Town. You can also visit the Schokoladen museum if you love chocolate, or take a Rhine River site-seeing cruise.


Koblenz was originally a Roman out post and gets it’s name from the Latin word, cōnfluentēs, meaning at the confluence of the two rivers, The Rhine and the Mosel. The two rivers join together here and this has always been an important piece of Koblenz history. Koblenz is full of things to do like visiting Old Town, taking a cable car ride across the Rhine to the Old Fort and visiting Stolzenfels Schloss.


I am including Wierschem in this post if you are considering traveling to Germany. Due to the fact that you must see Burg Eltz. Burg Eltz, or Eltz Castle, is perfect storybook castle, and is one of very few castles in Germany still owned by descendants of the original family. Burg Eltz is also extremely special because it has never been destroyed and has stood since the 13th century. Undoubtedly these photographs that will make you want to visit Germany immediately. Additionally you may enjoy Eltz Castle, A Photographic Tour, after reading this post.

In conclusion, I hope you have enjoyed this simple post I hope that these photographs will make you want to visit Germany immediately, or at the very least, add it to your bucket list.

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