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London Walking Tour Maps Included

The city of London is one of those magnificent cities everyone should visit at least once. If it is not on your bucket list, then it should be. Of course there is a lot to see in London and our time on holiday can be limited. For that reason I have put together this London Walking Tour guide to not only help you navigate the city, but maximize your sightseeing time. Additionally I have included some beautiful photographs of London to inspire you even more.

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Walking Tour of London

This London Walking Tour guide is broken down by neighborhood, as well as the top sites to see there.

Big Ben will be available to tour again on a London Walking Tour in 2021

Before we get started I highly recommend you consider purchasing the London Pass. When we visited London we purchased this pass and were glad we did. The pass allowed us access to most of the attractions on this list. Additionally we added the optional Oyster Travelcard which gave us access to the London Underground, buses, Overground and the DLR at any time of day, any day of the week. This option not only made getting around the city easier, but was a big money saver as well.

Additionally, the London Pass includes a 1-day hop-on hop-off bus tour per pass. Not to mention the fact that a Thames River cruise is also part of the deal! Indeed the London Pass was one of the best sightseeing city passes we’ve ever used.

Central London

Buckingham Palace is a must see on a London Walking Tour

To start with, this London walking tour guide covers Central London, then moves onto the City proper. After that you will find a map of Kensington, while wrapping up with Camden Town. However, this is your vacation so you can visit any neighborhood you want, in any order of course.

London Walking Tour Map-Central London
Click Map to Download

Central London is the most popular area of London for tourist traffic. A great tip would be to try to visit this area during the week instead of the weekends.

A. Trafalgar Square

B. The National Gallery

D. Leicester Square

D. Piccadilly Circus

E. Buckingham Palace

F. St. James Palace

G. Westminster Abbey

H. Big Ben (under renovation until 2021)

I. London Eye

A London Walking Tour would not be complete without Westminster Abbey

City Of London

London Walking Tour Map-City of London
Click to Download Map

The city of London area not only features some of the most iconic bridges and buildings in London, but it is also where you will find the Tower of London.

A. St. Paul’s Cathedral

B. Millenium Bridge

C. Tate Modern

D. Shakespeare’s Globe

E. London Bridge

F. Leadenhall Market

G. Lloyd’s Of London

H. The Gherkin

I. Tower of London

J. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is included on our London Walking Tour


London Walking Tour Map-Kensington
Click to Download Map

The Kensington neighborhood is know for Kensington Palace, or the home of Prince William and Princess Kate. But it also features some absolutely gorgeous gardens and green space, as well as the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

A. Kensington Palace and Gardens

B. Churchill Arms Pub

C. Kyoto Garden

D. Tardis from Doctor Who (Fun Photo Op!)

E. Victoria & Albert Museum / Natural History Museum

F. Royal Albert Hall

G. The Albert Memorial

H. Serpentine Gallery

I. Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

J. Hyde Park (including many other memorial statues, Marble Arch and Wellington Arch)

Kensington Palace is a stop on our London Walking Tour

Camden Town

London Walking Tour Map-Camden Town
Click to Download Map

You absolutely can’t miss visiting the Camden Town area if you are a Beatles or Harry Potter fan. Not only will you find Abbey Road Studios and the Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9-3/4, but some of the coolest museums in London are also located here.

A. Abbey Road Studios

B. The Sherlock Holmes Museum

C. Madam Tussauds Wax Museum

D. The Regent’s Park

E. Primrose Hill

F. Camden Market

G. Jewish Museum London

H. Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9-3/4

I. British Museum

J. The Cartoon Museum

The London Eye is a popular stop on a London Walking Tour

Finally, I do hope you found this London Walking Tour guide inspiring, as well as helpful. Additionally, if you’re ready to plan your trip to London, check out thesegreat deals here.

In conclusion, London is fabulous. I promise you won’t be disappointed. As a matter of fact, London is one of the most beautiful and exciting places I have had the pleasure to visit. In case you would like more photographic inspiration for your next trip, check outPhotographs that will make you want to visit Germany immediately.

Also, we are always working to make the blog better. We want to make sure the content we provide is informative and fun! For that reason please leave a comment or reach out to us on ourLet’s Connectpage.

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The Tower of London ia must see on a walking tour of London

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