New Orleans Photography to Inspire Your Future Visit

New Orleans Photography to Inspire Your Future Visit

New Orleans is one of the best cities in the United States to visit. Not only is it beautiful, but it has incredible food, music and history. I hope to inspire your curiosity and interest in New Orleans with this Photographic tour. Certainly one of the reasons NOLA is so popular is because there is something for everyone!

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A note regarding COVID-19. Due to concerns of the spread of Coronavirus, many events might be canceled, postponed, or changed. Sometimes at very short notice. This includes restaurants, hotels and bars. Please check ahead on websites, social media and/or call ahead to confirm locations are open. Also, please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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Best Time to Visit New Orleans

The best time to visit New Orleans is from February to May because the weather is comfortably cool and the celebrations are in full swing. If you’re not interested in Mardi Gras mania, then plan to visit in December or January. Not only is the city calm, but you don’t have to worry about making hotel reservations a year in advance. Of course to save on room rates, travel in the summer or fall. Just note that these seasons are known for their stifling heat and humidity, not to mention the threat of hurricanes.

Must Do Activities in New Orleans

  • Explore the French Quarter
  • Visit the National WWII Museum
  • Stroll Through the Garden District
  • Enjoy Jackson Square
  • Take an Evening Jazz Riverboat Cruise
  • Experience a Haunted Tour
  • Party on Bourbon Street
  • Beignets & Coffee at Cafe Du Monde

Central Business/Warehouse District New Orleans

Located conveniently between the French Quarter and the Garden District is the Central Business District/Warehouse District. Obviously the location makes it an excellent place to stay in New Orleans. Not to mention there are a plethora of reimagined hotels and guest houses in the old warehouse buildings.

You must take a ride on a  while in New Orleans

Step back in time and take the favorite transportation of a different era, such as New Orleans Streetcars.

National WWII Museum- New Orleans

Indeed a visit to the National WWII Museum is a must in New Orleans. This museum is a favorite of many visitors to the area.

New Orleans features some of the best examples of renovated architecture in America

Not only is the business district full of beautifully restored architecture, but you will also find numerous venues for entertainment and dining. In addition to fun places like Harrah’s Casino you will find The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, Museums, magnificent restored theaters and the Superdome. as well.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square is one of the most iconic images of New Orleans

Jackson Square is one of the most iconic images of New Orleans and possibly even the most haunted. Of course, the focal point is the St. Louis Catherdral, which is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use in the United States. Not to mention, Jackson Square is also home to the Lower and Upper Pontalba Apartments, the oldest continuously rented apartment buildings in the United States. You will find the Presbytere and Cabildo (Louisiana State Museums), here as well.

The Lower and Upper Pontalba Apartments, the oldest continuously-rented apartments in the U.S.

Jackson Square is not only a great spot to catch fun street performers, but there are many local artists here to watch paint and create wonderful art that you can purchase if you like. You can even have your palm or Taro cards read for those of you who believe in that stuff. Additionally many of the walking tours begin at Jackson Square.

French Quarter

Of course the top thing to do in New Orleans is explore the French Quarter. The deep rich history is like no other city in America. The best way to tour the French Quarter is to take a free walking tour. Well, sort of free. The tour guides do work for tips, so if you enjoy it, pay them well. Nola Tour Guy offers tours in the French Quarter, the Cemeteries, and the historic Garden District. They also offer Haunted NOLA Tours as well.

Antoine's is a favorite in New Orleans

Serving up fabulous food and great memories since 1840. Antoine’s is a timeless tradition in New Orleans.

New Orleans historic Hotel Monteleone

Furthermore the historic Hotel Monteleone is a must see too. Since 1886, the Hotel Monteleone has provided luxury and historic accommodations for travelers to New Orleans.

You can visit Williams Faulkner's home in New Orleans

Another cool place to visit is William Faulkner’s home. As a matter of fact, its also a book store. Additionally you might enjoy a visit to The Historic New Orleans Collection. They offer numerous restored buildings you can tour. Not to mention you can tour them for free! Of course you can make a donation to help the preservation continue.

NOLA at Night

Indeed, New Orleans is absolutely beautiful at night!

Lovely French Quarter home all light up in New Orleans

Bourbon Street

Heading to Bourbon Street is a must in New Orleans

Well of course this is a must if you visit New Orleans. Iconic Bourbon Street is filled with bars, taverns, jazz music clubs, Cabaret joints and more. People watching is so much fun here and certainly a great source of free entertainment. I highly recommend being part of the party, even if you’re not the partying type!

Street Performers are a common treat in New Orleans

Even though most people think to venture out to Bourbon Street after dark. The party is on 24/7. In fact you can find live music in the street, in the bars and nightclubs just about anytime. Of course, Frenchman Street is an even better location for musical entertainment in New Orleans.

Haunted NOLA

New Orleans is the most haunted city in America

Considering the fact that New Orleans is likely America’s most haunted city also adds to its popularity. Of course if you’re visiting the most haunted city in America, then you need to experience a haunted tour. Tour companies like Ghost City Tours and Free Tours by Foot offer many different types of haunted tours to choose from. Whether you believe in the Supernatural or not, it’s still a cool thing to do in New Orleans. Furthermore it’s a fantastic way to learn more about the history of New Orleans.

Infamous Haunted LaLarie Mansion in New Orleans

One of the most haunted homes in NOLA is the LaLaurie Mansion. Notably it is considered one of the most haunted houses in the French Quarter. Many people believe the ghosts of former slaves are causing most of the hauntings.

Andrew Jackson Hotel in New Orleans

Another haunted site you might happen upon is the Andrew Jackson hotel The location has seen its fair share of tragedy over the years, but the fires of 1774 are the source of the haunted lore. At that time a boarding school and orphanage for boys was here. Many of the buildings in the French Quarter were lost. Unfortunately the building here was one of them and 5 boys perished as well.

Marie Laveau's House of VooDoo in New Orleans

Obviously the long history of VooDoo and black magic add to the spookiness of Nola. Visiting Marie Laveau’s House of VooDoo or her grave are a top thing to do in New Orleans.

Even if you don’t take a ghost tour, you will probably hear some stories, or even feel a little uneasy if alone after dark.

Eat In New Orleans

Obviously our post would not be complete without a mention of the food of New Orleans. Therefore I will leave you with a few images of the tasty items you must try when visiting NOLA. Unfortunately there are too many choices to list them all here.

Jerry's Jambalaya at Mother's is a favorite in New Orleans

Jambalaya is not only a staple in New Orleans, but a must try dish. Jerry’s Jambalaya at Mother’s is a fan favorite. Gumbo is a great choice also.

New Orleans is known for great Po'Boy Sandwiches

Another favorite is the Po’Boy Sandwich. Personally I love the shrimp Po’Boy the best. One great restaurant to get this this sandwich, great muffulettas and more is Napoleon House.

Central Grocery & Deli Muffaletta in New Orleans.

A delicious muffuletta sandwich is a must from Central Grocery & Deli..

Cafe du Monde beignets in New Orleans

Last but not least, you must enjoy a beignet. Notably the most famous and the best are Cafe du Monde’s beignets.

Finally, I do hope you found this New Orleans post inspiring. Additionally, if you’re ready to plan that trip on New Orleans , check out these great deals here.

Additionally you may like our Fun Facts About New Orleans post or Cool Places to See & Explore in Houston post.

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