Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

There are so many must try experiences in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This post is dedicated to helping you discover what those experiences are and what to expect.

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Visit Recoleta Cemetery

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

Certainly most travel blogs don’t begin with a cemetery being the #1 thing to see. Well, Recoleta Cemetery is one of the must try experiences in Buenos Aires. You simply won’t understand until you have been there.

Recoleta Cemetery is a magnificent, beautiful, architectural memorial for many notable people in Argentinian history. There is no fee to tour the cemetery and you can pick up a map at the entrance. There are fee guided tours in Spanish Tuesday through Friday at 11 am and 2 pm, and 11 am and 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. If you would like more intriguing information as to why you should visit Click Here.

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Spend the Day in La Boca & Stroll El Caminito

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

La Boca, the birthplace of the Tango should definitely be on your sites to see list! La Boca was a neighborhood settled primarily by Italian immigrants in the late 19th century due to its proximity to the city’s Port.

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

The bright and colorful buildings came to be because the immigrants used the left over paints from the ships to paint their homes. It is a wonderful place to catch performances of the Tango live in the street. Not to mention, you can stroll the Caminito, or little path, and enjoy the shops, taverns, art exhibits and some wonderful food. Although, it is wise to visit this area during the day and stay in the designated tourist area. Unfortunately, the surrounding neighborhoods are at an economic disadvantage, so unsuspecting tourists can be a target.

Tour Teatro Colon

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

Teatro Colon, is considered one of the best Opera houses in the world, and is know for it’s acoustics and architecture. Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the Paris of Latin America, and Teatro Colon, is an excellent example of that. Inspired by grand Paris Opera Houses of the late 19th century and is just a beautiful site to behold. There are daily in tours in English and Spanish and you can Book Your Tour Here.

Fun Fact : Buenos Aires has over 280 theaters, more than any other city in the world.

Explore San Telmo & the Sunday Market

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

San Telmo is a favorite of mine in Buenos Aires. Not only is it an experience you must try when in Buenos Aires, but it is a lively, fun, colorful and place to spend the day! There are daily markets with local goods, antiques and Tango dancers to entertain you. The best day to visit San Telmo is Sunday, because the daily market explodes and fills much of the street, Defensa, heading all the way back to Plaza de Mayo.

Strolling along the cobblestone streets is enchanting and if you love street art, there is plenty to admire. San Telmo is a photographer’s dream come true. This is one barrio in Buenos Aires, you do not want to miss!

See a Tango Show or Better Yet, Take a Tango Lesson

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

Of course, you can’t visit Buenos Aires and not experience the Tango. Taking in a Tango Show is the standard way most tourist experience the Tango in Buenos Aires. This is not the real Tango, it’s just a show. Instead of taking in a show, why not consider attending a milonga, which is an organized event where people dance the Tango. If you really want to experience the Tango then this is the way to go. La Catedral Club not only hosts a milonga every night, but they also have Tango classes everyday. Not only can you learn, but you practice later that evening. Check out Tango in Buenos Aires: The Top 10 Milongas, to learn about the best milongas in town!

Visit the El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

The El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore is also one of the experiences you must try in Buenos Aires. Not only is it one of the most exquisite bookstores in the world, but honestly, it may not exist forever. The space was originally home to the Teatro Grand Splendid in 1919 and featured operas, ballets and Tangos. The building later became a movie theatre and was transformed into the beautiful bookstore in 2000. A visit is truly an enriching experience and worth the time to explore.

Fun Fact : Buenos Aires has the most bookstores per person of any city in the world, one location for every 4,000 people. (according to a 2015World Cities Cultural Forum report

Take a Walking Tour or Bus Tour

If you like to walk and are on a budget then you will love taking a Guided walking tour of Buenos Aires. By the way, these walking tours are FREE! Yes I said free, and who doesn’t love free! There’s no need to book these tours, just show up at the designated time, in the designated place. Check out Free Walks Buenos Aires for all the details.

Of Course walking tours are not for everyone, but don’t worry there are bus tours as well. The Buenos Aires Bus is a Hop-On/Hop/Off bus tour that allows you visit most areas of Buenos Aires. The buses run every 20 to 30 minutes and you visit as many places as you like between 9 am and 5 pm everyday. Prices start at $28 per adult for a 24 hour ticket and $36 for a 48 hour ticket. If you are limited on time, this bus tour will allow you to see all the top sites at a reasonable price.

Whether you walk or ride, a tour of Buenos Aires is definitely one of those experiences you must try!

Plaza De Mayo

The oldest public square in Buenos Aires is most definitely worth a visit on your trip. Named after the Argentine Revolution, which began on May 25, 1810, you will find many notable buildings and points of interest. The square is host to the Casa Rosada, Cabildo, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. The Casa Rosada, or the pink house, is the official seat of the Argentine government and home of the President’s Office. You can learn more about the history of the Casa Rosada and the free daily tours here.

Check Out Puerto Madero

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero is where you want to hang out if you are looking for a new, more modern Buenos Aries. Located along the La Plata River, you will find trendy restaurants, luxury hotels, shopping and new high rises that are meant to attract new businesses and tourists. Puerto Madera is the largest urban renewal project in Buenos Aires and one of the world’s most successful waterfront renewal projects in recent history. If you feel you need something to do besides explore history, then Puerto Madero is the place to go, and that is why it makes the list of experiences you must try in Buenos Aires.

Take a Day Trip to Colonia del Sacramento

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires
Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

Located across the river in Uraguay is the historic and quite beautiful town of Colonia del Sacramento. You can easily access Colonia del Sacramento by taking a one hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires. Colonia Express and BuqueBus offer daily service to and from Colonia del Sacramento.

After visiting this charming and incredibly photogenic town, I would say it is one of the experiences you must try if you can. Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO World Hereitage sire, is incredibly well preserved. Getting lost along the tree lined, cobblestone streets is very relaxing. You can enjoy drinks or a meal in the numerous and colorful cafes, and people watch. Of course, if you like taking pictures, this place will be a paradise for you. If you’re feeling adventurous you can climb to the top of the old lighthouse for a panoramic view of Colonia del Sacramento.

In addition to all it’s rich history, Colonia is also a popular day trip for going to the beach during the summer season.

Take the Train to Tigre

Must Try Experiences in Buenos Aires

In addition to Colonia, you also have the option to take a nice train ride down to Tigre for the day and escape the frantic pace of Buenos Aires. Also a quaint riverfront town, Tigre offers markets, water sports, restaurants and a theme park to suit everyone’s activity level. You can reach Tigre easily from Buenos Aires by bus, train, bicycle, taxi or Uber. You find pricing and timetables for all this options here.

The Puerto de Frutos is an open air market where you can spend hours shopping for fresh fruits, homemade jams and honey, plus furniture, home accessories, decorations and more. If you are interested in outdoor water sports, you can go rowing or kayaking, or just relax on one of the ferry boats that will take you down the Paraná Delta. Parque de la Costa, the theme park, has many rides to thrill the young or the young at heart. For those who love history, strolling along the Paseo Victorica, is one of the experiences you must try in Tigre. You will pass beautiful old mansions, have great opportunities for photos on the bridges and you can visit Museo de Arte de Tigre.

In conclusion, we hope you have enjoyed this post on experiences you must try when visiting Buenos Aires. Please scan our blog posts for more travel inspiration. Another post you might find helpful for your trip is Essential Spanish Travel Phrases to Make Communication Easier for Your Trip.

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