Cool Facts About Texas That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Cool Facts About Texas That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

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Texas is like no other place in the world. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s bold. Because of this there are lots of cool facts about Texas. Not only is Texas the second largest state, after Alaska, it is also the second most populous state, after California. Texas is also bigger than every country in Europe, with the exception of Russia. Not to mention that if Texas were a country it would be the 40th largest country in the world.

Texas is as diverse as it is big. For that reason we’re going to share some cool facts about Texas that will intrigue you and inspire you to want to know more.

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Texas won it’s independence from Mexico on April 21st, 1836 after defeating the Santa Anna’s army in less than 20 minutes. However, the Texas army was completely outnumbered and should not have won the battle.. How did they do it? Well, Sam Houston launched the attack at 3:30 in the afternoon, with all of his army coming at full force, yelling, “Remember the Alamo. As a result, most of Santa Anna’s men were enjoying a siesta, and were caught completely by surprise and never stood a chance. This is definitely one of the cool facts about Texas.

Another of the cool facts about Texas is that it is the only state that was an independent nation. It stood alone from 1836-1845.

In 1845 Texas became the 28th State in the Union. Most noteworthy is that Texas is unique to all the other states, because it entered the union by treaty, not by annexation.

Other cool facts about Texas related to it being a country. First of all, Texas retained the right to fly it’s flag at the same height as the national flag. In addition, Texas owns all its public lands. This means the U.S. government has to ask permission to build anything on Texas owned land.

The word “Texas” was the Spanish pronunciation “Tejas” of the Hasinai Indian word meaning “allies” or “friends.” In fact, the Texas state motto is “friendship.”

The deadliest Natural disaster in U.S history was the devastating hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900. Consequently over 8,000 people were killed.

Cool Facts About Texas


The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforcement agency in North America with statewide jurisdiction. Also, John Wayne, Chuck Norris, Will Rogers and former President George H.W. Bush were all honorary Rangers.

Sam Houston the first president of Texas, and also the first governor. While Sam Houston is considered one of the most famous Texans, he was actually from Virginia. Even more interesting is the world’s tallest statue to honor an American is of Sam Houston.

Another of the cool facts about Texas is that Dr Pepper was invented by Charles Alderton (1857-1941), a Waco pharmacist, in 1885.

There are also two American presidents who were born in Texas, Dwight. D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson.

One of my Mom’s favorite cool facts about Texas is the fact that the Houston Comets are the only WNBA team to take home four back-to-back WNBA championships.


The biggest official sport in Texas is Rodeo.

Texas’ nickname, the “Lone Star State” is a reminder of its struggle for independence from Mexico and to represent Texas as an independent republic.

The most popular snack food in Texas is the Frito pie, which is a bag of Fritos mixed with chili, onions, and cheese eaten straight from the bag.

Furthermore Texas is the only state to have six flags, of six nations, flown over it in its history. This includes the United States, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, France, Spain, and Mexico. As a result, Six Flags theme parks got their name from this historical fact, since the first park opened in Arlington, Texas in 1961.

Texas is also known for “Tex-Mex” food. It is the combination of Texan and Mexican cuisine that includes nachos, fajitas, burritos, and hard tacos.

Austin is thought of as the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

Texas German, is a dialect of German, you can only hear in Texas. Although, it is almost extinct, it is still spoken by some elderly Germans in Texas.

Infrastructure & Resources

Because Texas is so big, it has its own power grid. There are three power grids in the United States. One for the East, one for the West, and one for Texas.

Texas is North America’s leading producer of crude oil. In addition, if Texas were an independent nation, it would be the 5th largest oil producer in the world.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s parking lot is the largest in the world.

Approximately 90% of the world’s recoverable helium is located in the ground under Amarillo, Texas.

Texas is home to three of the largest cities in America. Houston (4th), San Antonio (7th) and Dallas (9th). Watch out America, Austin is #11!

Fun Facts

 King Ranch in South Texas is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island

In Norwegian slang, “Texas” means “crazy.”

It is also illegal to milk someone else’s cow in Texas, or to shoot a buffalo from the second floor of a hotel.

Likewise, in Galveston, Texas, it is absolutely illegal to allow camels to run loose on the beach.

Of course, it is completely legal to shoot Bigfoot if you happen to catch him in your backyard.

Austin is home to the world’s largest urban bat colony. In addition, the largest known bat colony in North America is in Bracken Cave, with is in Texas.

Texas also has the highest speed limit in the country at 85 mph.

Also, Athens, Texas claims to be the birthplace of the hamburger.

One last cool fact about Texas is that it has its own dinosaur. The Paluxysaurus Jonesi, cousin of the Brachiosaurus is named for the town of Paluxy, Texas, and Jones Ranch, where its fossils were found.

Finally, now that you know all of this cool stuff about Texas, maybe you will plan a trip to visit. When it’s safe to travel again, check out these great flight deals here.

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