Top Reasons You Should Travel More  to Improve Your Life!

Top Reasons You Should Travel More to Improve Your Life!

Top Reasons to Travel More

Approaching a new year is always a good reason to try new things and most of us want to travel. This post is meant to inspire you with the top reasons you should travel more because we know you want to! Not to mention, travel is good for you and more scientific studies are proving that, Forbes Magazine recently shared 5 reasons why travel is good for your mental health. There are many more, so let’s get out of our comfort zone and do it!

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Opens Your Eyes to New Adventure

Top Reasons You Should Travel More

Our first top reason to travel more is to add some adventure to your life. First and foremost, adventure helps us channel our inner child. The excitement you feel the first time you experience something new just makes you feel good, emotionally and physically. As a matter of fact, the mundane day to day life is draining and it will make you old before your time if you’re not careful.

It Is Fun

Who doesn’t want to have more fun in their life? People always say laughter is the best medicine. If you are having fun, you most certainly will be laughing. Building sandcastles at the beach, zip-lining in the jungle, dancing in Rio, these are all fun things to do when you travel. Of course, these are just a few exciting things you can do while you’re traveling! I want you to let me know what other entertaining activities you discover this year while traveling.

You Will Gain Greater Perspective of the World Around You

Top Reasons You Should Travel More

One of my favorite reasons you should travel more is this, different cultural experiences. I promise you visiting another country, another culture, will change your world view. Humans are very self-centered in nature and we all think our way is the best and/or only way. Not only has traveling to other countries made me truly appreciate the United States, but more importantly it has made me love people and different cultures more. Through travel I have seen that the people of this world are all the same. We all want to care for our families, see our children smile and live in peace. We are all after the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, our televisions and social media don’t always showcase these stories. For this reason, I implore you to venture out and embrace new cultures.

Stimulates Your Brain and Your Senses

There is nothing like being thrown into a new place where you don’t speak the language or have any idea what the food is in front of you. It can be intimidating, but in fact it is the best part of the adventure, and great for testing out all your different senses. Travel forces you to get out of your comfort zone, to feel the fear and do it anyway. As a result, your brain and your senses have to work harder to figure out how to get around, how to communicate and to push you to try something new. I believe travel might be one of the best ways to fight different diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as you grow older.

Improves Your Health

Top Reasons to Travel More

Another reason you should travel more is to improve your health. When we travel on vacation we walk more, swim more, hike more, and hopefully, dance more. More importantly, we spend less time on the couch in front of the TV. So just imagine how much more in shape you would be if you took 5 or more trips per year!

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Helps You Appreciate What You Have

Travel is fun and exciting. That being said, the more I travel, the more I like coming home. What I really mean is that travel makes me appreciate my friends and family, my home and my community. It’s good to miss the everyday, familiar world you live in. It helps you to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of wherever your heart calls home.

Learn New Languages

Top Reasons You Should Travel More

Yes, this will keep you on your toes! I have been many places, but I confess I have not yet mastered any of the languages I have been exposed to. I do best in Spanish and French speaking countries, but the others are not so easy. It’s okay though, because what I have learned is that people genuinely appreciate it when you try. Americans are not as fortunate as other countries where they learn multiple languages in school. We really should consider this though. That being said, traveling more, will expose you to new languages and that in of itself is good for your brain.

Opportunity to Meet New and Interesting People

There are so many wonderful people in the world and I love meeting more of them! Everyone has a story and when we travel we want to hear the stories of our travel guides, servers, taxi drivers, fellow hotel guests, or just the story of interesting people we may meet along the way. Travel blogs, magazines, and videos can give you an idea of what a destination is like, but the residents bring it to life. Plus it’s just a bonus to meet new friends that you keep in touch with over the years. These are people you may have never known if not for travel.

The Food!

For many people, food is what they love most about travel. For that reason, food is one of the top reasons you should travel more. If nothing else in this post has gotten you excited so far, I hope this does. The United States is a very diverse place and we have access to foods of many worldly nations. Of course, I just can’t emphasize enough of how much better it is to eat in the country of origin. The local produce, spices and chefs make it so unique and special. The first time I ate in Rome, I almost cried when I put the pasta in my mouth. It was simply the best I have ever had.

It Will Keep You Young

To some of you all this running around, dealing with new places, learning languages, trying strange food, may just not sound like a good time. I regret to tell you, but you are missing out. Travel will get your heart pumping, make you laugh, expand your brain power, and keep your senses quick and sharp. In a nutshell, it will keep you young at heart and in spirit, and for many, slow down the age process all together. Of all the top reasons you should travel more, this is the best reason of all.

Top Reasons You Should Travel More

I hope you feel inspired now to plan your fist trip. If you’re not sure where to go check out Photographs that will make you want to visit Germany, and 7 travel tips for first times to Paris.

Happy Travels and please share any comments you may have to make our blog better. We want to make sure the content we provide is informative and fun!

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  1. I completely agree with this! Not only is traveling fun, but it teaches you so much more about our world than you can ever learn from a tv show or google search. And it teaches you a lot about yourself! (Big yes to the food too!)

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