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It can be easy to feel down in the dumps and lose sight of how wonderful life is. To boost your spirits, look to these incredible inspirational life quotes and enjoy the words of wisdom designed to make you feel happier, more motivated, and more fulfilled! To add a little extra happiness, I have created beautiful images as well that you can save to your phone or computer. This way, they’ll be handy when you need some encouragement!

As they say, “Attitude is Everything”. These quotes will help you set the right mindset. My goal is to inspire you; honestly, I need a little inspiration sometimes too. So, I hope these incredible inspirational life quotes will get your day off to a great start! 

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Incredible Inspirational About Life Quotes

Incredible Inspirational Life Quotes designed by Lisa Soots

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey encourages us to recognize the things that are amazing in our lives. Take the time to acknowledge your successes and give yourself credit for your accomplishments, no matter how small or big. Even if you do one ‘positive’ thing daily, it will contribute towards a much brighter future and mental well-being. Practicing gratitude is also a great way to increase your positivity momentum!

Incredible Inspirational Life Quotes designed by Lisa Soots

“Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.” – Unknown

There’s no more genuine sentiment than this. It’s not always easy to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude all the time, but it might just be the key to helping you get through challenging times. Attitude is primarily an internal process; finding ways to shift your focus from negative thoughts to more positive and happier things can be a huge help. So, start by reflecting on what makes you grateful for your life, and let that bring a smile to your face!

“What you focus on expands, so focus on the good.” – Anonymous

This quote is a reminder that life can be complicated, and sometimes, even the most positive of people lose their way. The only thing we can do is to stay focused on goodness and the good times – no matter how few those moments may be, they are still worth celebrating! Living in appreciation and gratitude will help to anchor us during difficult spells, so dig deep within yourself to recognize what you’re thankful for and remember that every storm has its rainbow afterward.

Incredible Inspirational Life Quotes designed by Lisa Soots

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

This powerful quote is attributed to the 19th-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who, throughout his life, famously advocated for a courageous approach to life no matter what was thrown at us. He wrote extensively about the importance of facing these challenges with fortitude and maintaining our sense of positivity to become better people and grow from our experiences. His message remains relevant today; so let his words give you strength when all else feels lost.

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

This quote by author and pastor Charles Swindoll drives home the idea that our reactions to external events play a significant role in how we experience life. It is our choice if we let adverse events weigh us down or if we choose to find the silver linings and use those experiences to empower us to face greater challenges in the future. So remember, you’re capable of immense strength and resilience even during your most challenging moments.

20 Ways to Share Positivity and Encouragement with Others

Before finishing this post on incredible inspirational life quotes, I want to share some terrific ideas on how to encourage and lift up not only others but yourself every day. Of course, if you find them helpful, then please feel free to share them!

Inspirational Wall Art
Inspirational Wall Art
  1. Start your day with positive affirmations and share them with others.
  2. Create a gratitude journal and encourage others to do the same.
  3. Share uplifting quotes on social media or through text messages.
  4. Be present and actively listen when someone needs to talk.
  5. Pay compliments and acknowledge people’s accomplishments, big or small.
  6. Volunteer or donate to a cause you care about and invite others to join you.
  7. Write handwritten notes or cards to express your appreciation and love.
  8. Spread kindness by doing random acts of kindness for others.
  9. Invite someone new to join in on an activity or event.
  10. Share your skills and talents with others, whether it’s teaching a class or offering advice.
  11. Encourage someone to pursue their passions or try something new.
  12. Show empathy and support for those going through a difficult time.
  13. Engage in positive self-talk and encourage others to do the same.
  14. Spread joy by sharing funny memes, videos, or jokes with friends and family.
  15. Celebrate the successes of others and share their excitement.
  16. Send care packages or small gifts to brighten someone’s day.
  17. Offer words of encouragement and motivation when someone is feeling down.
  18. Practice forgiveness and let go of grudges, encouraging others to do the same.
  19. Be a source of inspiration for those around you by setting a positive example.
  20. Always remember to spread positivity and encourage others.

Final Thoughts on Inspiring Positivity Quotes

Finally, I genuinely hope you have found this Incredible Inspirational Life Quotes post inspiring. The world can be very dark, and we all need words of encouragement sometimes. If you have found this post helpful, please share it with others. Or share an inspirational message of your own with someone who needs to hear it.

Life is what you make it. I believe we can make our lives better by inspiring others. It’s the little things in life that make all the difference. We all have the ability to change the world. How can you change the world? By being a light for someone else. You never know how much a kind word or smile can affect another person’s life. But countless stories of amazing miracles have happened just by random acts of kindness.

Spread the joy and share hope with others! I promise you it is worth your time.

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