Photo Tour of Bruges Belgium that Will Inspire Your Next Vacation

Photo Tour of Bruges Belgium that Will Inspire Your Next Vacation

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This photo tour of Bruges will make you want to pack your bags and head out on the next flight to Bruges, Belgium. We hope you enjoy!

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The Church of Our Lady

While in Bruges there are some notable places of the past that are worth a visit like the Church of Our Lady. Presently, it is home to the Michelangelo marble sculpture, Madonna and child, which is the most famous of all renditions of Mary and Jesus.

The Church of our Lady also host the ceremonial tombs of Charles the Bold and his daughter, Mary of Burgundy.  Standing at almost 400 feet tall, the Church of Our Lady, is the second highest brick tower in the world. To enter the church is free, but there is fee to view the museum part of the church. You can find more information and ticket prices at Musea Brugge.

Historic City Center

A photo tour of Bruges, Belgium would not be complete without a visit to the historic Centre of Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Bruges is considered one of the best preserved examples of a medieval European village. I had the most fun just exploring this area on foot. There are canals to admire, cobblestone streets, gorgeous architecture of this once thriving city of trade.


Rozenhoedkaai, or Quay of the Rosary, is one of the most photographed areas of Bruges. Located in the historic center, where the Dijver and Groenerei canals meet.  Therefore, the Rozenhoedkaai is a wonderful area to just sit and have a coffee or frittes and watch the boats go by. It’s also the perfect location to catch a canal cruise.


The Belfry is a must for a photo tour of Bruges, Belgium. This 13th century Belfry is a UNESCO world heritage site as well, and stands 272 feet tall. Indeed if you’re willing to climb the 366 stairs, you will enjoy a spectacular views of Bruges.

Fun Fact– As it turns out, this European tower also leans. Of course, it’s not quite as prominent as Pisa, but the Belfry is one of the oldest examples of medieval architecture.


For 12 euros for adults and 10 euros for youth up to 25 years old, this museum will take you on a journey through three crucial periods in the history of Bruges. In addition to paintings, you will learn of the history of Bruges by viewing many artifacts including tapestries, furniture, musical instruments and coins.

Tour the Bruges Canals by Boat

To capture you own beautiful photographs of Bruges I highly recommend a Bruges canal boat tour. The tours typically cost about 10 euro per person and are fun and entertaining. In fact, the boat tour is one of the best things to do in Bruges.

Minnewater Lake

On the outskirts of medieval Bruges is Minnewater Lake. This picturesque and tranquil place was a wonderful spot to take a quiet stroll or go jogging. Not to mention, its so photo opportunity ready!

Old St. John’s Hospital

St. John’s Hospital is one of the oldest hospital buildings in Europe. It actually dates back to the 12th century. The museum is home to paintings, sculptures, furniture, and medical equipment. In addition to all this, there is even an authentic 17th century Pharmacy. You can learn more about St. John’s and all the other museums in Bruges at Musea Brugge.

Chocolate Tour

You can’t visit Belgium and not enjoy some chocolate. Not only does Bruges have its own chocolate museum, Choco Story, but you can find an abundance of chocolate stores as you stroll along the cobblestone streets of Bruges. There are also numerous candy shops in Bruges as well.

We really enjoyed visiting Confiserie Zucchero, because they have candy, cupcakes and ice cream in addition to chocolate. Home Sweet Home Chocolates has an assortment of packaged chocolate, plus you can grab a box and create your own special creation!

Enjoy Frites!

The Belgians are known for their Frites, so certainly you will want to partake of them. I love American fries, but the Belgians and the Europeans make them so much better. Bruges even has it’s own Friet Museum, and it is the one and only of it’s kind! We enjoyed Frites at numerous places in Bruges, but our favorite place too enjoy them was at Chips & Ice , a lovely cafe with terrific sandwiches and waffles.

Take a Horse & Buggy Ride

Oh yes, you know you want to! What could be more enjoyable than taking a horse drawn carriage ride through Bruges. Definitely a very romantic option for the evening. If you go, please let me know if you have a wonderful time.

Find all the “In Bruges” Movie Locations

Obviously, “In Bruges” movie starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleason and Ralph Fiennes. They are all over like the Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce Hotel, here in the photo. You can find a complete list of the top sites used in the film here. See how many you can identify in this post!

Indulge in Belgian Waffles

Of course a visit to Bruges means indulging in Belgian Waffles! They are simply scrumptious, not to mention they just taste better in the country that’s famous for them! I must confess I tried them a lot. You will easily find yummy waffles all over Bruges.

We particularly loved I Love Waffles, because their prices are excellent. Not only were the waffles quite tasty, but you are also able to pimp out your waffle with sprinkles, nuts, candies and marshmallows. We highly recommend them when you visit Bruges.

In conclusion, Bruges is amazing. I promise you won’t be disappointed. As a matter of fact, Bruges is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. In case you would like more photographic inspiration for your next trip, check out Photographs that will make you want to visit Germany immediately.

Happy Travels and please share any comments you may have to make our blog better. We want to make sure the content we provide is informative and fun!

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