Exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park in the Fall

Exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park in the Fall

Exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park anytime of the year is wonderful. Of course, visiting in the fall is a special treat due to the spectacular Fall Foliage. This wonderful summer home of Moses and Bertha Cone was donated to the Blue Ridge Parkway shortly after Mrs. Cone’s death in 1949. It is now a wonder for all to enjoy. As a matter of fact, this is keeping with exactly what Moses wanted, which was to share it with others. In addition to highlighting the things you can do at this park, I will showcase some beautiful images of the park in the fall.

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Take a hike around Bass Lake when exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park

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A brief history of the Cones and Flat Top Manor

Exploring Moses H Cone by horse carriage

Moses Cone and his wife Bertha were children of Jewish and German immigrants. Moses and his brother, Ceasar, became wealthy with their textile mills that produced high quality denim fabric. For this reason, Moses Cone was known as the “Denim King.”

The crown jewel of the estate and the main reason visitors love exploring Moses H Cone Park, are the carriage roads created by the Cones. In fact the carriage roads, or trails, are a true testament to the Cones love of nature and the environment around them.

Things to Do at Moses H Cone Memorial Park

While exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park, you will find there are many things to do here. Many of the activities are family friendly and handicap accessible,

Exploring Moses H Cone Homeplace

Check Out the Visitor Center

Most everyone who plans on exploring Moses H Cone park stops by the visitor center. To start with it’s a great place to speak to a ranger and get the lay of the land. Next you can visit the Parkway Craft Center and gift shop and get not only hand made, but unique souvenirs to take home. In addition the Parkway Craft Center offers craft demonstrations by their local artists in the summer.

Alternatively you can take a guided tour of the second floor of the estate with a ranger to learn even more. You can find all the information on operating hours and dates here. There are also accessible restrooms located in the converted horse barn next door to the visitor center.

Explore the Grounds

Exploring Moses H Cone grounds is quite interesting. Not only can you visit the Cone family cemetery, but there is also a carriage and apple barn to check out. If you decide to visit the cemetery, then continue onward to Flat Top Tower and you will be rewarded with a grand panorama of distant mountains.

One of the most loved activities when exploring Moses H Cone Park
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Hike the Carriage Trails

As was previously stated the 25 miles of carriage trails are one of the most loved activities when exploring Moses H Cone Park. In addition to hiking and jogging along the paths, you can also horseback ride on the trails. Furthermore cross-country skiers take advantage of the extensive trails in the winter.

Download the map of the trails included above and see all the areas you can explore. To begin with you can wander through the old apple orchards. Next you could venture down to Bass Lake and take the loop around, or if you’re more adventurous, then explore the Maze and apple barn. If you’re looking for a longer, more strenuous hike, then you should consider the Rich Mountain road trail which leads to views of Rich Mountain. No matter which trail or trails you choose, I know you will enjoy your time exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park.

Enjoy the Sunset

Enjoy a sunset while exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park

Of course, there is one more wonderful thing I discovered on my recent visit here. In addition to being a great way to spend the day, it is also a marvelous place to watch the sunset. Not to mention you can view them from just about anywhere on the property. Just make sure you find a nice spot to relax and face west. Then you can just simply enjoy.

Where to Stay

As a final point, there are no camping facilities at Moses H Cone Memorial Park. If you plan to stay longer and spend more time on the trails, then there are options for you. First of all, Julian Price Memorial Park has a campground and picnic area about 4 miles south on the Parkway. Actually it’s an excellent location to spend the night under the stars on the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can find Maps and make reservations here.

You can also find all sorts of hotel options at Hotels.com and Tripadvisor.com. Additionally they offer hotel reviews, car rentals, plus attractions tickets and tours as well.

In conclusion, I do hope you found this exploring Moses H Cone Memorial Park in the fall post inspiring. Additionally, if you have any cool trails in this area that we did not mention, please leave a comment and share. We’d love to hear from you.

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Exploring Moses H Cone at Bass Lake

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