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Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Wanderlust & Passion for Travel

Many of us long to travel and see as much of the world as possible before we die. Due to the recent travel restrictions because of the Coronavirus, there is concern that we may not be able to travel like we used to. I am certain this difficult time will pass. Meanwhile, we need to…

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Cities to Visit When We Can Travel Again – Photographs to Inspire

Travel is what we love and if you happen upon this site you love it too. Of course, due to the Coronavirus, travel is not an option right now, but it will be again soon. Therefore we have put together a pictorial overview of cities to visit when we can travel again. These beautiful destinations…

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German Phrases to Know to Make Your Trip to Germany Smooth

Planning a trip to Germany? These German phrases will not only help you communicate more effectively. They will also go along way to build some credibility with your new German friends. This post contains important German phrases to help in getting transportation, communicating at the restaurant, as well as getting help. When you’re ready to…

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To See Bluebonnets – Road Trip in Search of Wildflowers & Whataburger

It’s Springtime! Therefore it’s the best time to see bluebonnets gloriously blooming in the great state of Texas. Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas and you can find them in open prairies and roadways across the state. Most importantly, if you decide to venture out for bluebonnets, please be respectful of people’s property when…

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Things to Do and Sites to See in Trier, Germany City Guide

Trier, Germany Welcome to the oldest city in Germany.  The history here dates back to the ancient Romans and you can certainly see many reminders of them today. Most noteworthy is the towering site of the Porta NIgra. Also being home to 9 Unesco World Heritage Sites, there are lots of things to do and sites…

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Facts About New Orleans that are Fun, Interesting, & Surprisingly Cool!

New Orleans is one of the most intriguing, cool, spooky and outrageous cities in America. Just for fun we thought you might like to know some lesser known facts about The Big Easy that make it cooler. Our posts do include Affiliate Links and you can learn more on our Disclosures page. Looking for great…

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Pictorial Essay of Colonia del Sacramento, Uraguay

This pictorial essay of Colonia del Sacramento will inspire you to plan a trip to this beautiful colonial town in Uraguay. Just an hour long ferry ride from Buenos Aires is this must see Unesco World Heritage site. Spending time in Barrio Histórico, or the historic quarter, is a wonderful day trip from Buenos Aires….

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Top Foods to Eat in Buenos Aires – Local Favorites to Enjoy

Enjoying the top foods to eat in Buenos Aires is one of my favorite things to do when visiting this city. First of all, food just taste really fantastic here, and consequently you will want to eat a lot! This overview will give you a good idea of the top foods to eat that are…

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Experiences You Must Try When Visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina

There are many experiences you must try when visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina. This post is dedicated to helping you discover what those experiences are and what to expect. When you’re ready to go Cheapair.com can help you quickly book your trip. Visit Recoleta Cemetery Certainly most travel blogs don’t begin with a cemetery being the…

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Essential Spanish Phrases To Make Communication Easier on Your Trip

Essential Spanish travel phrases will go along way to help you communicate in a Spanish speaking country. Not being able to communicate effectively can create a lot of stress. We hope this post will give you a good base of phrases to make your trip more enjoyable. Free Downloadable Guide Included Subscribe and receive a…

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