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Things to See and Do in Puerto Vallarta

Things to See and Do in Puerto Vallarta when planning your trip
Life is Good Here

Inviting Paradise

Puerto Vallarta is an inviting paradise along the Pacific Ocean and features beautiful beaches surrounded by mountains and jungle. I love Puerto Vallarta mostly because it is not like other Mexican beach resort cities. It is more quaint and charming and the people are welcoming and friendly. This of course, does not mean there is not much to do here. There are many things to see and do in Puerto Vallarta. You will find all of the water adventures like snorkeling and boat rides. Not to mention jungle tours and more. Plus you are right off the coast of the island of Marietas, which has recently become very popular due to the sunken beach created by bomb testing of the Mexican government in the early 1900’s.

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Take a Short Walk, Save Some Cash

Pedestrian Bridge

When my husband and I go to Puerto Vallarta, the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa is our favorite place to stay. It is located just across from the Marina Vallarta and is a five minute Uber ride from the airport. If you are planning to take a taxi or Uber from the airport, I recommend you by-pass all the options at the terminal. Instead take a short walk over the pedestrian bridge located outside of the terminal. The price goes down quite a bit if you can stand the short walk. To access the pedestrian bridge exit the terminal and look for the OXXO convenience store located on the other the other side of the small short term parking lot. You will find the bridge located to the left of the OXXO. There will be taxis waiting in the other side of the bridge. You can also meet an Uber driver there to catch a ride to the Marina area or into greater Puerto Vallarta. Or first, enjoy a taco and a cool drink at Taco Marlin before you head into to town. Taco Marlin is in the top 10 of best tacos places in all of Puerto Vallarta.

Marina Vallarta

We love the Marina location because the beaches are less crowded and there are many other resort options near by. The Marina also offers some really fantastic seafood restaurants as well. Our two favorites are El Coleguita and Victor’s. Both of these restaurants have excellent customer service, free shots of tequila and an after dinner drink included. Be sure to look for Victor because he will have a shot of tequila with you as he does every night with his customers and he might even share his secret to staying sober after having so many shots of tequila. You also have easy access to many of the water tours and adventures as they leave right out of the Marina.

Transportation is Easy & Inexpensive

Regardless of where you decide to stay in Puerto Vallarta, getting around is relatively inexpensive and easy. As mentioned earlier there a never ending amount of taxis and Uber is here. The least expensive option is the bus which allows access to most of Puerto Vallarta and the price is right for about 10 pesos per person. We catch the bus right outside of the Marriott and can take it to Walmart, the hotel district and to Malecon. This is the main transportation for locals and they have recently upgraded to newer buses and they are air conditioned and clean. Personally I think half the fun is touring around town on the bus just to see what you see. It’s hard to get lost because most of the bus loop around, so worse case scenario just keep riding and you’ll end up back at the place you got on.

Now your visit to Puerto Vallarta would not be complete without a stroll along the Malecon.

Strolling on the Malecon

Things to See and Do in Puerto Vallarta when planning your trip
The Church of Our Lady Guadeloupe

This famous waterfront boulevard is located between the Hotel Zone and Old Town. It is a lively area with restaurants, galleries and lots of bars if you are looking for dancing and live entertainment. You can enjoy street performers, street food and you will find a wide assortment of souvenirs and novelties. There are also some very beautiful churches located in the area and you should pay a visit to The Church of Our Lady Guadeloupe, a simple, but beautiful church of old.

As you continue along the Malecon you will cross the bridge which brings you into Old Town and has quite a few options for seafood restaurants right on the beach. There is nothing quite like enjoying dinner with your feet in the sand as you watch the sunset,and by the way, the sunsets are magnificent. Also the seafood in these establishments is not only wonderful and fresh, but quite inexpensive. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Los Abuelos along the Playa de los Muertos. Of course, if you prefer fancy and pricey, there are many of those too. I prefer to enjoy great seafood at a fair price and vacation more!

Playa de los Muertos for the Sunset

Things to See and Do in Puerto Vallarta when planning your trip

Playa de los Muertos is an excellent location for taking in glorious sunsets with vacationers as well as the locals. As you continue your stroll along Playa de los Muertos you will find people gathering at the pier which is whimsically illuminated every evening. Something about this just makes the whole evening in Puerto Vallarta more magical.

With so many things to see and do in Puerto Vallarta it’s hard to get bored. No matter what you decide to do in Puerto Vallarta, embrace and have fun. Take lots of pictures and let me know what you think. I can’t do it all and I would love to hear about your adventures as well.

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