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Advice from My Dogs to Live a Happy Life and Be Content

I love dogs and have had ones as pets most of my life. I’ve realized over the years that dogs are really smart and pretty chill most of the time. Maybe I should listen to the advice from my dogs on how to live a happy life. In other words, live in the moment and…

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Positivity Corner

Let’s Stay Positive and Smile, It’s a Brand New Day!

Welcome and thank you for joining me on this first entry of my new Positivity Corner section of the FollowSoots Blog. Because of the strange times we are experiencing due to the Coronavirus, I felt it was important to stay positive for my family, my friends and my readers. Therefore, periodically I will be including…

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Ways to Survive Coronavirus Crazy with Cool Heads & Fun Activities

Whether it’s happened yet or not, we all need a plan if our city decides to go on lockdown! This post includes practical and fun ways to survive the panic and fear around COVID-19. Just stay calm, focus on your family and friends and your future. Most importantly, wash your hands! Our posts do include…

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