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Did You Know That About Germany? Cool Things You May Not Know

Germany is one of our favorite countries to visit in Europe. Not only is it astoundingly beautiful, but it has a long and diverse history dating back to the ancient Romans. There are many things you probably already know about Germany. For instance, it may not surprise you that the oldest brewery in the world…

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Things to Do and Sites to See in Trier, Germany City Guide

Trier, Germany Welcome to the oldest city in Germany.  The history here dates back to the ancient Romans and you can certainly see many reminders of them today. Most noteworthy is the towering site of the Porta NIgra. Also being home to 9 Unesco World Heritage Sites, there are lots of things to do and sites…

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Photographs That Will Make You Want to Visit Germany Immediately

Germany is an astonishingly beautiful country. Until my first visit to the country, I simply had no idea, and I had not seen photographs that would inspire me to visit. I hope this article will change that for you if you’e never been to Germany. I put this post together to inspire you with photographs…

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