Castle Adventures in Texas – Exploring Newman’s Castle

Castle Adventures in Texas – Exploring Newman’s Castle

Located just about an hour outside of Houston is the small quaint town of Bellville, Bellville is a wonderful historic town with a unique attraction. This attraction is Newman’s Castle. Not only is this architectural gem an unexpected surprise, but a custom made magical place to visit. Newman’s castle is a perfect day trip for people of all ages.

Before we dive in, an important note for arriving at Newman’s Castle and parking your vehicle. You may be warmly greeted by two, rather large Irish Wolfhounds. Indeed there is no need to be alarmed, they say hello quickly and move on to the next arriving visitors.

Castle Dogs

A note regarding COVID-19. Due to concerns of the spread of Coronavirus, many events might be canceled, postponed, or changed. Sometimes at very short notice. This includes restaurants, hotels and bars. Please check ahead on websites, social media and/or call ahead to confirm locations are open. Also, please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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Best Time to Visit Bellville

The best times to visit Bellville and Newman’s castle would be in the Spring and Fall. But castle tours are held year round. That being said, Bellville is still nice most of the year. Due to the hot and humid summers, some tourist avoid this time of the year to visit the area.

Other Things to do in Bellville

  • Visit the Austin County Jail Museum
  • Take A Bellville Historical Tour
  • Indulge in Fresh Pastries at Newman’s Bakery
  • Find Uniques gifts at the Antique Shops
  • Explore Bellville’s Historic Blacksmith Shop and Phenix Knives
  • Enjoy a beer at Huff Brewing Company
  • Check out the Bellville Meat Market
  • Visit the Blue Bell Creamy in Brenham

Newman’s Castle History

Castle King - Mike Newman

The man behind the castle. Mike Newman is a Bellville, Texas native and the owner of the successful Newman’s Bakery in Bellville. Mr. Newman’s success is due to his great work ethic and determination. After visiting Europe while in his 20’s, the European castles he visited became the inspiration to build his own. Beginning in 1998, with the help of one other person, he broke ground on his castle and worked tirelessly over the next 10 years to completion. Now in 2021 he is truly the King of his castle and quite a welcoming host. At the present time he is continuing to add and improve upon his castle.

Castle Specifications

Newman’s Castle features a 3,000-pound (1360.8-kilogram) drawbridge that is hand-operated, a courtyard, five turrets, with the tallest at 42 feet (12.8 meters). In fact there is even a grand dining hall, which is available for celebrations and events. There is also an actual moat surrounding the castle! Additionally the furnishings are handmade and replicas of those found in centuries-old castles. 

The Drawbridge

Castle - Drawbridge

The Courtyard

Castle - Courtyard

The Kitchen

Castle - Kitchen


Castle - Bedroom

Also featured in the castle is a Baptismal & Chapel.

The Tour & How to Get There

Tours are offered six days a week, and you do need to make a reservation. In addition they host weddings, birthday parties, wine tastings, and any other special occasion you are celebrating. To reserve a tour or special event please call Newman’s Bakery to make sure your date is available. The tour cost $20 per person and includes lunch and variety of wonderful pastries to enjoy. The tour and lunch last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

The day of the tour groups must check in at Newman’s Bakery by 10.30 am. The bakery will take your payment, and give you directions to the castle which is just 5 minutes away. Of course you have the option to arrive early and have a coffee and croissant or a delicious country-style breakfast.

Newman’s Bakery is located at 504 E. Main Street, Phone : 979-865-9804

Highlights for Children

Fun for Children

castle fun

Obviously a magical adventure like touring a castle is a great idea for families with children. I promise you will not be disappointed if plan a visit with your family. My children are grown, but I was very impressed at the way Mr. Newman included the children as not only guests, but active participants in the tour. They have the opportunity to be knighted if they choose. They take part in a scavenger hunt for some uninvited guests that could be a threat to the hosts and visitors. Everyone will also enjoy a live catapult demonstration as well. This is a very interactive tour, which is fun for all.

Finally, I do hope you found this Castle Adventure in Texas post inspiring. Additionally, if you’re ready to plan that trip on Bellville, check out these great deals here.

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