German Phrases You Need to Know when Traveling to Germany

Knowing a few German phrases when traveling to Germany makes it easier to blend.

The quickest way to to win friends when traveling is to speak their language. Communication is essential to getting around on holiday. Too make this easier for you, I have put together some German phrases you need to know when traveling to Germany.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be fluent, you just have to make an effort. I hope you will find these German phrases useful on your next visit to Germany.

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Greetings – These are a Must!

Good Morning – Guten Morgen

Hello – Hallo

Good Day – Guten Tag

Yes – Ja

No – Nein

Be Polite -Best Way to Win Friends

Please – Zufriedenstellen

Thank You – Danke

Thank you very much – Vielen Dank

Excuse Me – Entschuldigung

I’m Sorry – Es tut mir leid

Do you speak English? – Sprechen Sie Englisch?

My German is bad – Mein Deutsch ist schlecht

I don’t understand? – Ick kann Sie nicht verstehen

I don’t know? – Ich weiß es nicht

Germany is wonderful – Deutschland ist wunderbar

Getting Transportation

Being able to ask how to find the train station is important

Where is the train station? – Wo ist der Bahnhog?

How much does the ticket cost? – Wie viel kostet das Bahnticket?

What time does the train depart? Ab dem Mal fährt der Zug ab?

How much is the taxi fare to the hotel? – Wie viel ist der Taxi-Tarif sum Hotel?

Please take me too…. – Bitte nehman Sie mich mit

How much is the taxi fare to the airport? – Wie viel ist der Taxi-Tarif zum Flughafen?

Finding your hotel can be difficult if n’t know how to ask for directions.

At the Hotel

I have a reservation – Ich habe eine Reserviung

Do you have any rooms available? – Haben Sie Zimmer zur Verfugung?

May I have extra pillows? – Darf ich zusätzliche Kissen haben?


Can you tell me how to my find…. – Können Sie mir sagan, wie ich finde…?

Where is the store? – Wo ist der Laden?

How much does this cost? – Wie viel kostet das?

What is this? – Direkthilfe?

What is that? – Was ist das?

At the Restaurant

May we have a table for two? – Vielleicht haven Sie einen Tisch für zwei?

What do you recommend? – Was empfehlen Sie?

May I have a glass of water? – Darf ich ein Glas Wasser haben?


May I have a beer? – Darf ich ein Bier Trinken?

I would like to have… – Ich möchte…

May I have the check please? – Darf ich den Scheck Bitte machen?

Asking Questions

Can you help me? – Kannst du mir helfen?

Where is the bathroom? – Wo ist das Badezimmer?

Where can I find an ATM? – Wo finds ich einen Geldautomaten?
Can you tell me how to my find…. – Können Sie mir sagan, wie ich finde…?

I hope you find this article and the phrases helpful in planning your trip to Germany. Obviously all the German phrases you need to know when traveling to Germany are not listed here. If you would like to find more vocabulary and phrases to use for your trip, chick out this article, 134 Super Useful and Common Travel Phrases for Germany

If you would like more ideas of places to visit check out my blog post, Castles to See in the Moselle Valley – Things to Do in Germany. I would love to hear about your trip and please share any feedback on how to improve the blog with me.

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