Fun Things to Do at Home Instead of Travel

Fun Things to Do at Home Instead of Travel

Sometimes we just can’t travel. We all learned this lesson quite well during Covid. Hopefully you have been able to travel again since Covid, but for some travel is just not an option. Therefore I put together this post to give you some inspiration. Here are some fun things to do at home while you’re stuck inside.

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Get Outside if Possible

Fun Things to Do at Home Instead of Travel - photo by Lisa Soots

Enjoying the great outdoors is a wonderful way to spend time and explore. If the weather is nice, play in the backyard with your children or pets. Play catch, fetch, or have fun with bubbles. Of course heading out to large recreation areas or parks is also a great idea. Nice wide open spaces allow us to roam freely, as well as get some exercise and fresh air.

Bring Outdoor Activities Indoors

Another thing to consider is to bring outdoor activities inside, like hide and seek. Not only would it be safer to do this in your home, it’s also lots of fun for the kiddos. You can also have a Scavenger Hunt indoors.

Movie Marathon

One of our favorite ways to survive times we are stuck at home is to binge watch our favorite movies. Watching the entire Star Wars saga or all seven Harry Potter movies is great way to relax, not to mention kill quite a few hours.

Fun things to do - Movie Marathon

If you can’t physically travel, maybe enjoying videos to exotic or historical places on YouTube would help. Likewise, movies about travel are fun and entertaining too. It’s a great time to forget your worries by watchingNational Lampoon’s Vacation!

Let’s Get Crafty

If you find yourself homebound, it’s a great opportunity to dofun projects. If you have children, not only can you keep them busy, but you get to spend fun, quality time with them. Pinterest is loaded with DIY craft ideas for every age group. has some cool ideas that are easy and fun and might even inspire some home remodels.


Fun Things to Do at Home Instead of Travel - Puzzles

I know most of us are much more interested in playing games on our devices, but putting puzzles together is a great way to pass the time. Not to mention the fact that it’s a great group activity for families with children, or friends who are roommates. Certainly keep in mind that you don’t even have to go to the store to get puzzles, because and have many to choose from. There are even puzzles you can put together online, like Jigsaw Explorer, if you prefer.

Board Games

Fun things to do - Baord games

If you are limiting social interactions outside the home, or because you have no other choice. This is a great time to have some good old fashioned family fun. Board games and Video game challenges can be a great way to keep you busy and one of the ways to survive this time. It’s also a wonderful way to reconnect with family and friends. Playing cards and games like charades are fun ideas as well!

Indulge in Reading a Good Book

Stuck at home? Now you have the time to read that great novel you’ve never had time for before. Another wonderful idea is to join an online book club and interact with other readers. Bustle has put together a great list of five clubs you can easily join.

Take an Online Class to Improve Your Skills or Learn New Ones

Fun Things to Do at Home Instead of Travel - Online learning

There are so many online schools to learn from now, not to mention many offer free courses. For example, you can take Art & Culture and Language courses with If you have kids at home who are out of school, The Khan Academy is a wonderful option to continue learning while at home, and it is completely free. In addition to these free options, Creative Live and Udemy Free Resource Center have free and paid courses in photography, graphic design, music and more.

Learn to Cook Something New

Fun things to do - Try cooking something new

The Culinary Cook offers free cooking classes online and YouTube and Pinterest are great resources as well. You can even take a MasterClass like Gabriela Camara Teaches Mexican Cooking. Certainly there is something you have always wanted to learn how to cook, well I say now is the time to go for it!

Home Projects

Most of us wish we had time to organize, or clean out the garage, or any number of things. So why not use this time to get things done. First of all, staying busy is one of the best ways to survive being stuck indoors. Moreover, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and that is important to your mental health. Now is the time to paint the living room the color you really want!

Virtually visit Museums, Monuments and Historical Places

Fun things to do at home - Virtually visit Rome

This is one of my favorite fun things to do at home if I can’t travel. Because we are lucky enough to live in a technologically advanced world, we have the advantage of visiting other countries virtually. I must admit that Google’s Arts and Culture site really blew me away. Not only can you visit the British Museum, but you can take a virtual tour of Rome’s Colosseum, the Taj Mahal and more.

Fun things to do at home - Visit a museum virtually

The Smithsonian offers a virtual tour of the National Museum of Natural History online, likewise, the Museum of Metropolitan of Art in New York City, does as well.

Enjoy Yoga at Home

Fun Things to do at home - Yoga at home

Exercise and activity are important to our physical and mental well being, especially when we experience difficult circumstances. Don’t worry, YouTube and a little creativity is all you need. Millions of people now seek out Yoga, Pilates, and other workouts on YouTube, therefore you can still get your workout done at home.

Yoga with Adriene is free on YouTube and she offers yoga for beginners, for weightloss, for difficult times and more. Of course there is more than just Yoga, has put together a full list of all types of free workouts available on YouTube. What are you waiting for? Check it out.

Have a Virtual Dance Party

Another fun idea is to have dance parties with your family or virtually with your friends and family. FaceTime and Skype make this quite easy and it’s a great way to have fun and not feel so isolated.

Plan Your Next Vacation or Trip

What!!! Are you kidding??? No I am not. In times like this it is best to focus on a positive future outcome. This too will pass you will want to travel again and you should. Certainly, this can be one of the best ways to survive this crisis. Many people, us included, have had our flights, cruises, and vacations cancelled, obviously to try to keep us safe. Unfortunately this can cause stress and depression too. For those who love travel as much as we do, we need to move forward and take this time to dream about our next amazing trip. It will happen, think positive.

Most importantly, just have fun! Don’t dwell on the negatives, focus on the positives, and we will weather this storm together.

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