French Phrases to Make the French Love You When You Visit!

French Phrases to Make the French Love You When You Visit!

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Bonjour, Merci, and other french phrases are essential to communicating in France. Not only will you learn these words and many more to make you a savvy traveler, but you will gain a new skill. Before we get started, be sure to download the free French Phrases eBook that is included. It will help you learn easily at home, and also take it to go when you travel.

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French phrases for greetings
Hello (Good Day)Bonjourbong-zhoo(r
Good EveningBonsoirbong-SWAHR
Good NightBonne nuitbawn-NWEE
How are you?Comment allez-vous?kaw-mahng t-AH-lay VOO
Fine, thank youBien, mercibyang, mair-SEE
Nice to meet youEnchanté(e)ahn-shahn-TAY
GoodbyeAu revoiroh ruh-VWAHR
Have a nice dayBonne journée bong zhoor-NAY

Be Polite

PleaseS’il vous plaîtseel voo PLEH
Thank youMercimerr-SEE
You’re WelcomeDe reinduh RYANG
Excuse MeExcusez-moiehk-SKEW-zay MWAH
(I am) sorry(Je suis) Désolé(e)zhuh swee DAY-zoh-LAY
I don’t understandJe ne comprends paszhuh nuh KOHM-prahn pah
Do you speak English?Parlez-vous anglais?par-lay VOO sahng-LEH?
Is there someone here who speaks English? Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un ici qui parle anglais?ess keel-ee-AH kel-KUHN ee-see kee PAHRL lahng-LEH
I can’t speak French wellJe ne parle pas [bien] français.zhuh nuh PAHRL pah [byang] frahn-SEH

Getting Transportation

French phrases for getting transportation
Take me to __, pleaseDéposez-moi à __, je vous prieDAY-poh-zay-MWAH ah __, zhuh voo PREE)
How much does it cost to get to __?Combien cela coûte-t-il d’aller à __?kahm-BYENG suh-LA koo-TEEL dah-LAY ah __?
How much is a ticket to __? Combien coûte le billet pour __?kom-BYAN koot luh bee-YEH poor?
One ticket to __, please. Un billet pour _____, s’il vous plaît.ung bee-YEH poor ____ seel voo pleh
Where does this train/bus go? Où va ce train/bus?OO va suh trahn/buus?
Where is the train/bus to __? Où est le train/bus pour ___ ?OO eh luh trahn/buus poor ____?
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Ce train/bus s’arrête-t-il à _____? uh trahn/buus sah-reh-tuh-TEEL ah ___?

At the Hotel

French phrases at the hotel
Do you have a room for two ?Avez-vous une chambre pour deux personnes?avay -voo une shombre poor deuh pair-sonn
I’d like a room with two bedsJe voudrais une chambre à deux litszhuh voo-dray uhn shom-bruh ah duh lee
I’d like a room that has a shower in it.Je voudrais une chambre avec une douche dans la chambre.zhuh voo-dray oon shom-bruh ah-vek oon doosh dahn la shom-bruh
When is check-out?Quelle est l’heure limite d’occupation ?kell ay lur lee-meet doh-coo-pah-see-ohn
Do you have a pool?Avez-vous une piscine?ah-vay voo oon pee-seen
I want a six o’clock wake up call.Je voudrais être réveillé à six heureszhuh voo-ray eh-truh ray-vay-yay ah seez-ur 

Getting Around

Where is the toilette?Où sont les toilettes? OOH sohn lay twah-LET?
Where is _____?Où se trouve _____?oo suh tr-OO-v ____?
Where is the train station?Où se trouve la gare?oo suh tr-OO-v lah gahr?
Where is the bus station?Où se trouve la gare routière?oo suh tr-OO-v lah gahr roo-TYEHR?
Where is the airport?Où se trouve l’aéroport?oo suh tr-OO-v lehr-oh-POR?
Take me there pleaseAmenez-moi là, je vous prieam-nay-mwah LAH, zhuh voo PREE


French phrases for shopping
How much is this?Combien (ça) coûte?COMM-bee-yen (SAH) coot
That’s too expensive C’est trop chersay-TRO-shair
I’m not interestedJe ne suis pas intéressézhen swee pahz-ann-tay-ress-SAY
Do you have this in my size?Avez-vous ceci dans ma taille ?AH-veh-VOO say-SEE dan sma THAI
Ok, I’ll take itD’accord, je le/la prendsdah-kor zhe luh/lah prahn
Can I have a bag?Pourrais-je avoir un sac?poo-REHZH ah-VWAR ung sahk
Do you accept credit cards?Acceptez-vous les cartes de credit? ahk-sep-tay VOO leh kahrt duh kray-DEE?
I need____J’ai besoin…  zhay buh-ZWANG

At the Restaurant

May I please have___?Est-ce que je pourrais avoir…?es-kerh jeh poo-ray av-war
I’m a vegetarianJe suis végétarien (masc.) / végétarienne (fem.)je swee ve-jeh-tair-ree-an / ve-jeh-tair-ree-en
Excuse me waiter/waitressS’il vous plaît, monsieur/madame? eell voo PLEH muh-syuh/ma-dahm
I would like ___ Je voudrais __.zhuh voo-dray ___
I’m finishedJ’ai fini.zhay fee-NEE
It was deliciousC’était délicieuxsay-tay deli-SYUH
The check, pleaseL’addition s’il vous plaitlah-dee-SYOHN seel voo play

Asking Questions

English FrenchPronunciation
What’s the time?Quelle heure est-il ? kel euhr et-EEL?
How do you say __?Comment dit-on ___?koh-mahn dee-TONG ___?
What is this/that called?Comment appelle-t-on ceci/ça ?coh-mahn tah-pell-TONG suh-SEE/SAH?
What is it?Qu’y a-t-il?kee ah-TEEL
Can you help me?Pouvez-vous m’aider?poo-vay voo med-ay
I’m lostJe suis perduzhuh-swee pair-doo
I’m looking for ___Je cherche ___zhuh shairsh

In conclusion, we hope you found this post of essential French phrases helpful and enjoy using them while you’re traveling in French speaking countries. If you would like more help learning French for your trip check out these sites that offer Apps as well. and

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Finally, now that you have these French phrases, maybe you will plan a trip to visit. When it’s safe to travel again, check out these great deals here.

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